St Mary the Virgin, Cropredy
Shires Edge Benefice
St James the Great, Claydon, St Mary the Virgin, Cropredy.
All Saints, Great Bourton, All Saints, Mollington and St Mary Magdalene, Wardington.
Vicar: Revd. Hilary Campbell - The Vicarage, High Street, Cropredy. OX17 1NG. Tel: 01295 750385

Assistant Priest : Revd. Lynda Alcock. Copperfields, Swan Lane, Gt. Bourton OX17 1QR Tel: 01295 750744

Ministry Team: Authorised Assistants: Sue Upton, John Langridge

Services for August 2014



31st August Eleventh Sunday after Trinity

Claydon            9.30 am        Holy Communion         HC
Cropredy          9.30 am        Service of the Word W/group
Gt Bourton      11.00 am        Holy Communion         HC
Mollington and Wardington Please join with another Parish

Note: GE – Canon Glyn Evans: CH – Canon Christopher Hall     


6.30 pm services are Evening Communion (Iona Liturgy)

9am services are Morning Prayer


Tuesday, 26th  August – 6.30 pm Mollington

Wednesday, 27th  August – 9am. Mollington


Bible Study – No meetings in August

We reconvene in September

Details from John Langridge 750227





Generous God, you give us gifts and make them grow;
though our faith is small as mustard seed, make it grow to your glory and the flourishing of your kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.














Common Worship Lectionary Readings for August 2014
(Year A)

3rd August
Seventh Sunday after Trinity (Proper 13) Isaiah 55: 1-5
Romans 9: 1-5
Matthew 14: 13--21 Green

10th August
Eighth Sunday after Trinity (Proper 14)
1 Kings 19: 9-18
Romans 10: 5-15
Matt 14: 22-33 Green

17th August
Ninth Sunday after Trinity (Proper 15) Isaiah 56: 1, 6-8
Romans 11: 1-2a. 29-32
Matt 15: (10-20), 21-28 Green

24th August
Tenth Sunday after Trinity (Proper 16) Isaiah 51: 1-6
Romans 12: 1-8
Matt 16: 13-20 Green

31st August
Eleventh Sunday after Trinity
(Proper 17) Jeremiah 15: 15-21
Romans 12: 9-21
Matt 16: 21-28 Green

Services for September 2014

7th September 12th Sunday after Trinity

Claydon             9.30 am       Holy Communion       HC
Cropredy          11.00 am       Holy Communion      HC
Gt. Bourton      11.00 am       Service of the Word   Lay Led
Mollington          6.00 pm       Evening Prayer          HC
Wardington      10.00 am       Family Service           SU

14th September 13th Sunday after Trinity

Mollington        10.00 am       UBC Holy Communion      HC
A retiring collection for Farming  Community Network which will be the UBC charity we will support for the next year
Gt. Bourton        6.00 pm      Christian Caravanners       HC

21st September 14th Sunday after Trinity

Claydon              8.30 am      BCP Holy Communion       HC
Cropredy            9.30 am      Service of the Word           JL
Gt Bourton        11.00 am      Sunday at All Saints          JL
Mollington           9.30 am      Holy Communion              LA
Wardington       10.00 am      Family Communion           HC

28th September 15th Sunday after Trinity

Claydon              9.30 am      Holy Communion              LA
Cropredy           10.00 am     Seeker Service               SC/RC
Gt. Bourton       11.00 am      Holy Communion              LA
Mollington           9.30 am      Holy Communion              HC
Wardington         8.30 am      BCP Holy Communion       HC


6.30 pm services are Evening Communion (Iona Liturgy)
9am services are Morning Prayer

Tuesday 9th September– 6.30pm Wardington
Wednesday 10th September– 9am Wardington
Tuesday 16th September – 6.30 pm Claydon
Wednesday 17th September– 9am. Claydon
Tuesday 23rd September – 6.30pm Cropredy
Wednesday, 24th September – 9am Cropredy
Tuesday 30th September – 6.30. pm Gt. Bourton
Wednesday 1st October – 9am Gt. Bourton

Bible Study –First meeting on Wednesday, 10th September
Details from John Langridge 750227

Parish Events for your Diary

3rd September– Claydon Beetle Drive – 2.30 pm
Saturday 13th September - Ride & Stride
Cropredy / Gt. Bourton participating
Sponsors and participants welcome.
See Church porches for information
15th September - ~Wardington PCC 7.30 pm

To all who try to understand the workings of your universe,
give a clear mind and a sense of wonder
to those who teach and those who learn,
give a thirst for knowledge
and an acceptance of what cannot be known;
to all who seek discernment of your ways,
give a firm faith and simple trust
(Hannah Ward and Jennifer Wild)


God of constant mercy, who sent your Son to save us:
remind us of your goodness, increase your grace within us,
that our thankfulness may grow, through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.











Common Worship Lectionary Readings for September 2014
(Year A)

7th September
12th Sunday after Trinity (Proper 18) Ezekiel 33: 7-11
Romans 13: 8-14
Matthew 18: 15-20 Green

14th September
13th Sunday after Trinity (Proper 19) Genesis 50: 15-21
Romans 14: 1-12
Matthew 18: 21-35 Green

21st September
14th Sunday after Trinity(Proper 20) Jonah 3: 10-4: 11
Philippians 1: 21-30
Matthew 20: 1-16 Green

28th September
15th Sunday after Trinity (Proper 21) Ezekiel 18: 1-4, 25-32
Philippians 2: 1-13
Matthew 21: 23-32 Green