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Cold Calling

Earlier this week some residents experienced cold calling in person from a company called ‘ Helpinu energy solutions’. Appointments have been made for a free survey tomorrow. The company said they we’re subcontracted from Cherwell District Council and grants were being awarded. I have contacted Cherwell and they do not know of this company. The company could well be genuine, but if anyone has an appointment please take the care, as we should always take when someone we do not know comes into our property.

Try not to be alone , and certainly do not leave the person to walk around your property unaccompanied ( ie making them a cup of tea).

If you feel at all uncomfortable do not let them in, or if in your home ask them to leave.

It is advisable never to sign up to a commitment of work on the day even if there is a special offer to sign there and then. 

Never give bank details ,before you can be certain the company is genuine.

Ring 999 if you feel at all unsafe at the time of the visit, or 101 for concerns after the visit ref no 481 with today’s date 14/11/19.

No genuine company should be aggressive if you do not allow entry, you can always report them to Trading Standards if you feel a company has behaved unprofessionally.

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