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Contact Details for Parish Councillors



 Phone number


 Cllr Margaret Boscott

 20, Cup and Saucer, Cropredy OX17 1NN

 01295 750440


 Cllr Robert Dunn - Chairman

 Westwind, High Street, Cropredy OX16 1NG

 01295 758435


 Cllr Bob Garland

 April Cottage, 1 Red Lion Street, Cropredy OX17 1PB

 07786 728247


 Cllr Tania Johnson - Vice Chair

 5, Orchard View, Cropredy OX17 1NR

 07941 062549


 Cllr Sheila Jones

 Lyndon, The Green, Cropredy OX17 1NH

 01295 750480


 Cllr Desmond Knight

 Compton Cottage, 13 Kyetts Corner, Cropredy OX17 1JW

 01295 750725


 Cllr Jacqueline Smith

 Narrowboat Bude, Old Mill Wharf, Cropredy OX17 1PX

 07815 108922


 Cllr Phil Chapman

  Cherwell District Council

 Blaize House, Williamscot, Banbury OX17 1AB

 01295 750114


 Cllr George Reynolds

  Oxfordshire County Council

 Grange Farm, Malthouse Lane, Shutford OX15 6PB

 01295 780479


 Mr Ken Porter

  Clerk to the Council

 Conifers, Mail Street, Great Bourton OX17 1QU

 01295 758352



     Village Maintenance and Development

             Cllr Jacqui Smith (Chairman)         Cllr Tania Johnson                      

     Transport, Traffic and Street Lighting

              Cllr Des Knight (Chairman)            Cllr Margaret Boscott                      

      Planning, Finance and Legal

              Cllr Bob Garland (Chairman)         Cllr Bob Dunn            

      Village Plan, Crime Prevention, Environment

              Cllr Sheila Jones (Chairman)        Cllr Tania Johnson                       

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