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Monument Records - Page 2 of 4

The Historical Society has carried out a comprehensive survey of all the Graves and Monuments in the grounds of the Parish Church and also of Monuments inside the Parish Church.

This is page 2 of 4 of the Index and covers surnames beginning F - L

For a map showing the location of monuments inside the Church click here.

For a map showing the location of graves in the Eastern part of the Church graveyard click here.

For a map showing the location of graves in the Central and Western part of the Church graveyard click here.

Page 1 covers surnames beginninA- E

Page 3 covers surnames beginning M - W

Page 4 covers Unknown or Illegible Records

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Name First Name Monument No Location

Fairbrother  William 472 Churchyard
Field ??     258 Churchyard
Field Elizabeth 248A Churchyard
Field Thomas 248A Churchyard
Finch Mary 148 Churchyard
Fowle Thomas Welbank 202 Churchyard
French Frances 519 Churchyard
French Thomas 519 Churchyard
Gardner  Ann 094 Churchyard
Gardner  Ann 108 Churchyard
Gardner  Ann 112 Churchyard
Gardner  Ann 381 Churchyard
Gardner  Bessie 111 Churchyard
Gardner  Charles William 111 Churchyard
Gardner  Edith Ann 452 Churchyard
Gardner  Edward 112 Churchyard
Gardner  Elizabeth 106 Churchyard
Gardner  Elizabeth 379 Churchyard
Gardner  Elizabeth 451 Churchyard
Gardner  Frederick 110 Churchyard
Gardner  Frederick 094 Churchyard
Gardner  George 106 Churchyard
Gardner  Hannah 105 Churchyard
Gardner  Hannah 438 Churchyard
Gardner  John 379 Churchyard
Gardner  John 380 Churchyard
Gardner  John Frederick 094 Churchyard
Gardner  John Frederick 108 Churchyard
Gardner  Joseph 450 Churchyard
Gardner  Keith 107 Churchyard
Gardner  Lizzie 094 Churchyard
Gardner  Marie 110 Churchyard
Gardner  Mary 450 Churchyard
Gardner  Matilda 452 Churchyard
Gardner  Nathaniel 290 Churchyard
Gardner  Phoebe 109 Churchyard
Gardner  Samuel 451 Churchyard
Gardner  Samuel 452 Churchyard
Gardner  Thomas 105 Churchyard
Gardner  Thomas 106 Churchyard
Gardner  Thomas 109 Churchyard
Gardner  Thomas 378 Churchyard
Gardner  Thomas 381 Churchyard
Gardner  Tom Andrews 094 Churchyard
Gardner  William 112 Churchyard
Gardner  William 438 Churchyard
Garrett Ann 417 Churchyard
Garrett Joseph 417 Churchyard
Garrett Mary 417 Churchyard
Garrett Mary 419 Churchyard
Garrett Mary 434 Churchyard
Garrett William 417 Churchyard
Garrett William 419 Churchyard
Garrett William 434 Churchyard
Gibson Charles 393 Churchyard
Gibson Hannah 393 Churchyard
Gibson Martha 393 Churchyard
Gibson William 393 Churchyard
Giles Elizabeth 095 Churchyard
Giles George 095 Churchyard
Gill Thomas 203 Churchyard
Gill Thomas 204 Churchyard
Godson Gardner 084 Churchyard
Godson Jane 526 Churchyard
Godson Marie 084 Churchyard
Godson Rhoda 084 Churchyard
Godson William 084 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Ann 280 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Ann 518 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Caroline 485 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Elizabeth 038 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Elizabeth 518 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Elizabeth 518A Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  George 280 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  George 470 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Hannah 438 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Henry 486 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  James 280 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  John 518 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  John 438 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  John 518A Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Mary 469 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Mary 485 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Mary 486 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Thomas 469 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Thomas 485 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  Thomas 486 Churchyard
Golby / Goldby  William 038 Churchyard
Goode Mary 223 Churchyard
Goode Samuel 223 Churchyard
Goodenough  Jane Ledger 003 Ledger in Chancel
Goodenough  Revd Samuel James Ledger 003 Ledger in Chancel
Goodenough  Samuel Henry Ledger 003 Ledger in Chancel
Goodwin Abigail Plaque 012 Plaque on wall of South Chapel
Goodwin William Plaque 012 Plaque on wall of South Chapel
Gorstelowe Richard Plate 007 Plate in South Chapel
Gray / Grey  Ann 065 Churchyard
Gray / Grey  Hannah Ledger 005 Ledger in South Chapel
Gray / Grey  Richard 065 Churchyard
Gray / Grey  Thomas Ledger 004 Ledger in South Chapel
Green John 085 Churchyard
Griffin  Anne Whately 472 Churchyard
Griffin  William 472 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Catherine 465A Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Eliz 476A Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Emma 463 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Esther 463 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Frances/Francis 457 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Frances/Francis 459 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Frances/Francis 459 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold George 459 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Hannah 440 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Hester 463 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold John 455 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold John 458 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold John 462 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold John 465A Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Joseph 440 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Louisa 444 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Lucy Adelaide 455 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Mary 460 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Mary 463 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Richard John 444 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Richard 457 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Richard 458 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Richard 459 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Richard 460 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Richard 461 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Richard 463 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Richard 464 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Richard 476A Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Thomas 440 Churchyard
Grisold/Grifwold Thomas 456 Churchyard
Hadland Sarah Helen  539 Churchyard
Hadland William Spenser 539 Churchyard
Hall  Joyce Ledger 014 Ledger in North Chapel
Hall  Margaret 293 Churchyard
Hall  Thomas 293 Churchyard
Hall  William Ledger 014 Ledger in North Chapel
Halloway / Holloway William 125 Churchyard
Harbage/Harbidge Elizabeth 070 Churchyard
Harbage/Harbidge Thomas 070 Churchyard
Harris Alice 453 Churchyard
Harris Basil 453 Churchyard
Harris William 453 Churchyard
Harrison  Emily Mary 304 Churchyard
Harwood John 337 Churchyard
Haslewood George 294 Churchyard
Haslewood John 177 Churchyard
Haslewood John 294 Churchyard
Haslewood John 329 Churchyard
Haslewood John 330 Churchyard
Haslewood John 460 Churchyard
Haslewood Susanna 330 Churchyard
Haslewood Susanna 460 Churchyard
Hawkins Florence Emma 155 Churchyard
Hawkins Michael 155 Churchyard
Haynes Charles 251 Churchyard
Haynes Elizabeth 251 Churchyard
Hemmings Mary 014 Churchyard
Hemmings Peter 053 Churchyard
Hemmings Sarah 053 Churchyard
Hemmings William 014 Churchyard
Heritage  John 104 Churchyard
Hewes Thomas Plaque 030 Plaque on North Wall
Hitchcox James 484 Churchyard
Hitchcox Mary 484 Churchyard
Hitchcox Mary Ann 484 Churchyard
Hodgson Charles 334 Churchyard
Hollis George 420 Churchyard
Hollis Rachel Elizabeth 420 Churchyard
Holloway Alice 127 Churchyard
Holloway Frances 127 Churchyard
Holloway Joys 126 Churchyard
Holloway Moses 127 Churchyard
Holloway Moses  087 Churchyard
Holloway William 126 Churchyard
Hopcraft  Elizabeth 212 Churchyard
Hopcraft  John 212 Churchyard
Hopkins  Elizabeth 510 Churchyard
Hopkins  Revd John Ledger 029 Ledger in North Aisle
Hopkins  Revd John Plaque 031 Plaque on North Wall
Hopkins  William 510 Churchyard
Hoste  Charles 246 Churchyard
Howe Arlidge 288 Churchyard
Howe Hannah 288 Churchyard
Howe James 288 Churchyard
Hughs Elizabeth 121 Churchyard
Hughs Job 121 Churchyard
Hughs Sarah 215 (gone) Churchyard
Hunt Elizabeth 097 Churchyard
Hunt George 099 Churchyard
Hunt Jane 098 Churchyard
Hunt Jane 361 Churchyard
Hunt John 361 Churchyard
Hunt Mary 099 Churchyard
Hunt Richard 098 Churchyard
Hunt Sarah 523 Churchyard
Hunt Susannah 096 Churchyard
Hunt Susannah 098 Churchyard
Hunt Thomas 145 Churchyard
Hunt William 097 Churchyard
Hunt William 122 Churchyard
Hunt William 325 Churchyard
Hunt William 523 Churchyard
Hunt William 524 Churchyard
Hutchins Elizabeth 358 Churchyard
Jennings  Ernest 033 Churchyard
Judge Clement 254 Churchyard
Judge Clement Pratt 254 Churchyard
Judge Hannah 254 Churchyard
Judge Harriot 254 Churchyard
Judge Isabella 254 Churchyard
Judge Lawrence 254 Churchyard
Judge Mary 254 Churchyard
Judge Thomas Clement 254 Churchyard
Judge Thomas Gulliver 254 Churchyard
Kinch  Ann 370 Churchyard
King Richard 316 Churchyard
King Samuel 291 Churchyard
King Samuel 292 Churchyard
Kinman Esther 188 Churchyard
Kinman Evis 190 Churchyard
Kinman Evis 191 Churchyard
Kinman George Hewins 187 Churchyard
Kinman Hannah 190 Churchyard
Kinman Hannah 191 Churchyard
Kinman Hannah 192 Churchyard
Kinman Hester 189 Churchyard
Kinman Mark 190 Churchyard
Kinman Mark 191 Churchyard
Kinman Mark 192 Churchyard
Kinman Mary 192 Churchyard
Kinman Richard 188 Churchyard
Kinman William 188 Churchyard
Kinman William 189 Churchyard
Kinman William 190 Churchyard
Kynaston Alfred Alexander 349 Churchyard
Ladd Ester 422 Churchyard
Ladd John 421 Churchyard
Ladd John 422 Churchyard
Ladd Philip 423A Churchyard
Lamb Julia Eleanor 266 Churchyard
Lambert Ann 001 Churchyard
Lambert Ann 184 Churchyard
Lambert Anna 012 Churchyard
Lambert Caroline 220 Churchyard
Lambert Deborah 186 Churchyard
Lambert Elizabeth 219 Churchyard
Lambert Harold William 536 Churchyard
Lambert James 200 Churchyard
Lambert James 201 Churchyard
Lambert John 164 Churchyard
Lambert John 184 Churchyard
Lambert John 185 Churchyard
Lambert John 186 Churchyard
Lambert Joseph 184 Churchyard
Lambert Leonard J.B. 104 Churchyard
Lambert Leonard John Bonner Plaque 022 Brass Plaque on South Wall (west of door)
Lambert Louie 257 Churchyard
Lambert Louie 536 Churchyard
Lambert Margaret Mygritta 200 Churchyard
Lambert Margaret Mygritta 201 Churchyard
Lambert Mary 164 Churchyard
Lambert Mary 184 Churchyard
Lambert Mary 345 Churchyard
Lambert Mary Ann 201 Churchyard
Lambert Moses 345 Churchyard
Lambert Moses 346 Churchyard
Lambert Prudence Ricketts 521 Churchyard
Lambert Samuel 218 Churchyard
Lambert Sarah 183 Churchyard
Lambert Sarah 218 Churchyard
Lambert Thomas 001 Churchyard
Lambert Thomas 011 Churchyard
Lambert Thomas 012 Churchyard
Lambert Thomas 220 Churchyard
Lambert William 183 Churchyard
Lambert William 345 Churchyard
Lambert William James 257 Churchyard
Lambert William James 536 Churchyard
Lamprey George 146 Churchyard
Lamprey George 365A Churchyard
Lamprey Hannah 146 Churchyard
Lamprey Mary 365A Churchyard
Lamprey Nehemiah 365A Churchyard
Legge Charles Gilks 453 Churchyard
Legge Hannah Mary 453 Churchyard
Lewis Ann 161 Churchyard
Lewis Jane 160 Churchyard
Loder  Anne Taylor Ledger 010 Ledger in South Chapel
Loder  Anne Taylor Plaque 013 Plaque on pillar in South Chapel
Loder  William Taylor Ledger 010 Ledger in South Chapel
Loder  William Taylor Plaque 012 Plaque on wall of South Chapel
Loder  William Taylor Plaque 013 Plaque on pillar in South Chapel
Loveday Ann Plaque 011 By Pillar in South Chapel
Loveday Ann Plaque 012 Plaque on wall of South Chapel
Loveday Anna Maria Plaque 012 Plaque on wall of South Chapel
Loveday Anne 196 Churchyard
Loveday Anne 196A Churchyard
Loveday Helen 196A Churchyard
Loveday John 196 Churchyard
Loveday John 196A Churchyard
Loveday John Plaque 011 By Pillar in South Chapel
Loveday John Plaque 012 Plaque on wall of South Chapel
Loveday John Plaque 034 Plaque on wall of South Chapel
Loveday John Window 6 Window in South Aisle
Loveday John Edward Taylor Plaque 013A Plaque on wall of South Chapel
Loveday Margaret 202 Churchyard
Loveday Margaret Plaque 013A Plaque on wall of South Chapel
Loveday Margaret Abigail Plaque 034 Plaque on wall of South Chapel
Loveday Mary Plaque 011 By Pillar in South Chapel
Loveday Mildred Plaque 013A Plaque on wall of South Chapel
Loveday Mildred 202 Churchyard
Loveday Nathalie Irene 196 Churchyard
Loveday Rev. William Taylor Window 6 Window in South Aisle                             
Loveday Sarah Maria Window 6 By Pillar in South Chapel
Loveday Thomas Plaque 013A Plaque on wall of South Chapel
Loveday Thomas 202 Churchyard
Loveday William Taylor Plaque 013A Plaque on wall of South Chapel

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