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As most of you will be aware the cricket club has been very fortunate to be able to develop and own our magnificent new facility that we are all very proud off in our second ground and pavilion. This is something we very much want the whole village and wider community to benefit from. It has been developed on private land which is now owned by the cricket club alone and not the Parish Council like the original facility.

However, we have a major problem with dog fouling on the ground. We have tried to make the field accessible to dog walkers even though there is NO PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY through the field or indeed the one beyond as well. We believe it is only a small minority of irresponsible dog owners who are guilty. We would also please ask that all dog walkers keep their dogs away from the playing area and just walk through the field by the path/road and then use the dog gate to both exit and enter the field.

As the summer approaches all areas of the field will be kept closely mown and will be in use for cricket related activities. This includes the training of 100+ children on Friday evenings and for obvious reasons the field needs to be in a safe condition for the children.

This is an advance notice that if the problem persists we will be taking the decision to bar all public access to the field by locking the gates and removing the dog gate. CCTV cameras are also being installed around the pavilion and field and we will use the evidence to identify the culprits and take any necessary and relevant action.

All we ask is the everybody respects the facility and clears up after themselves so that it is kept in good order for all to enjoy. I would add that this includes people swimming in the river during the summer months (please take your rubbish with you).


Peter Cooling

Chairman Cropredy CC

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