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Fairport 2019 TRO

Cropredy Fairport Convention 2019                                                                                                    


The County Council proposes to make the above-mentioned Order which includes details and dates of the various Temporary Traffic Orders.

If you have any questions relating to the above Order, please contact:

Gareth Williams, The Granary, Over Norton Park, Over Norton, OX7 5PX e: 


Notice of Temporary Traffic Order - Cropredy & Wardington

Various Roads - Traffic Management

Date of Order:  29 July 2019

Coming into force:  7 August 2019

This Order is being introduced on the grounds of public safety associated with the Fairport Convention Event, Cropredy 2019 which is organised by Gareth Williams, The Granary, Over Norton Park, Over Norton. OX7 5PX. 

The traffic measures will have effect from 3pm Wednesday 7 August until 2pm Sunday 11 August.
The effect of the Order is to:

1.   Prohibit any vehicle proceeding in Williamscot Road from its junction with Roundbottom in Cropredy to the Williamscot village gates at the following times: 

Thursday 8 August - between 22.30 and 24.00hrs; Friday 9 August - between 23.30 and 01.00 Saturday; Saturday 10 August - between 23.30 and 01.00 Sunday.

The alternative route for traffic affected by the closure is via The Plantation, Station Road, the main road through Great Bourton, south on the A423, eastwards on the A422 Hennef Way, A361 northwards, and vice versa.

2.    Prohibit vehicles waiting at any time from 3pm Wednesday 7 August to 2pm Sunday 11 August in the following roads: 
     Claydon Road - from High Street north-westwards to the speed derestriction sign;  Station Road - for approximately 530m southwards from its junction with The Plantation; Williamscot Road - from the west side of The Plantation, over the canal bridge as far as its junction with the A361; AND prohibit vehicles waiting at any time in the entire lengths of the following roads: The Plantation, Chapel Lane, Newscut Lane, Red Lion Street, Roundbottom.

3.    Introduce One-Way Traffic on Thursday 8 August from 3am until 1pm in Williamscot Road, southeast to northwest (towards Cropredy) from a point approximately 1370m southeast of its junction with The Plantation (at the white gates of Williamscot village) to the junction of Station Road and The Plantation in Cropredy. This is to enable traffic arriving from the A361 (at Williamscot Hill) to proceed only north-westwards along Williamscot Road during the period that campers are arriving for the Festival.

4.    Extend the 30mph speed limit from Cropredy to Williamscot from 3pm Wednesday 7 August to 2pm Sunday 11 August.

Appropriate traffic signs will be displayed to indicate when the measures are in force. Exemptions are included for emergency services and for event vehicles and for access to premises which are only accessible from the closed section of road. This Order will remain in force for the duration of the traffic arrangements associated with the event. 
Traffic Regulations Team (Ref.MS) for the Director for Community Operations, County Hall, Oxford OX1 1ND Tel. 0345 310 1111.


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