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Books by Pamela Keegan

The Town of Cropredy 1570-1640
            A record of the local history of a village in Oxfordshire during the 16th & 17th centuries

Books edited by Pamela Keegan

The Cooknells of Cropredy Green

           The record of a young girl's life in Cropredy, born in 1896 and leaving the village at the age of 22.The record is gathered from letters to Pamela Keegan from America.

2. The Bakers and Carrier's Daughter

            A spoken history of events from the turn of the century up to the 1970's, collected and edited by Pamela Keegan.

3. The Pettifers of Creampot Lane                                                                

            A spoken history of a family as seen by two generations of it's women. They relate their lives from childhood to marriage.

4. My Dear Harry  or The Letters of Mary Ann Fisher. 

            This is a beautiful collection of letters, mostly from Mary Ann to her husband Harry, a tax collector, whom she had met when he was billeted in Cropredy in the 1870s. They are the property of Freda Wright, a descendant of Mary Anne's, who has also made some original drawings of Cropredy, as it would have been at that time.

5. The Wheelwrights Apprentice                                                                  

           The spoken record of the youth and working life of Arthur Pettifer, continuing the story of Cropredy from 1910. He provided his Diary and Workbook, which will be printed later.

6. Letters from Colin Shirley 

           A history of the Shirley family and of Colin especially, who was a master Carpenter and Joiner mostly with the local builder Cherry & Son Ltd.

Other Publications by the Historical Society

1. The Battle of Cropredy Bridge

2. Cropredy Bridge

3. Doomsday Book

4. The Church Rooms

5. The Railway

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